Carey McWilliams


Delbert, Carey, Midnight, and Tariff

We took them out of the wild, so we are responsible for their care. Remember, don't ask your pets to do something that you aren't willing to do yourself. Keep them warm and fed when cold or rain sets in.


Introducing my third Guide dog/moose, Davis, Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix.


This photo, taken in 1994, shows the skull of a finback whale. Carey is standing on the platform. He attended the College of the Atlantic. There, he studied the acoustic and feeding behavior of North Atlantic sperm whales before falling ill and being forced to return home.


The above photograph, taken by Carey in June 1993, shows an orca. Carey, an avid whale and ocean enthusiast, took this photo at Puget Sound, British Columbia. Carey takes photos by lining up the bottom of the camera with his eyebrows and placing the back of the camera to his forehead, then facing the sound of whatever he wants to take a photo of.

An Angel in the Lead

Tariff, Above, came into Carey’s life during a very desperate time. As his first guide dog, she gave him not only a set of eyes, but the unconditional love he longed for. Today, at age thirteen, she still brings much joy to all those around her.

Scuba diving

Carey, an avid scuba diver, specializes in night diving and zero visibility dives. He acquired his certification through NAUI, up to one level below instructor. No special accommodations were made. He became the first blind person in history to get his certification through NAUI.


At age 14, Carey joined the USAF Auxiliary. As a cadet, he not only co-piloted this plane, but also drove an armored personnel carrier up and down the base parking lot, and visited an active nuclear missile launch capsule at Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri. No missiles were launched, and the world was safe. But he didn’t end there. He earned several prominent awards, and achieved the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant. He joined to prove to himself that blind people can perform well in a military setting.

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